French zero waste hair products

What are zero waste products? Basically they are products that do not contain any packaging that needs to be thrown out. If something is zero waste, it simply doesn’t create any waste.

Zero waste products are on the rise and zero waste beauty and hair products are becoming more and more popular, especially here in France! I wanted to talk about hair products because they are one of the first zero waste products I made the switch to.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about changing from industrial shampoo to shampoo bars but the urge to eliminate plastic from my life won me over. However some women find that their hair doesn’t take well to shampoo bars. I believe you just have to test a few before you find the right one that works for you!

Shampoo bar/ Shampooing solides

As I mentioned, shampoo bars are not for everyone. Before I made the change I used industrial shampoo for coloured hair, bought in plastic bottles *sigh*. I felt like I needed so much product to get my hair clean. As a result my hair was so tatty afterwards. When I started using shampoo bars I noticed that I needed less product, which was great, but overtime strands of hair fell out when I was washing my hair. This eventually stopped, I think it was old unhealthy hair cells falling out? In any case, since using shampoo bars, my hair has never been healthier, more soft and shiny and it smells amazing!

Here are some of my favourite shampoo bars:

For coloured hair: Les Savons de Joya

This one of the rare shampoo bars out there that is designed for coloured or damaged hair. I feel like my highlights look more golden after washing. Note that this does smell of grapefruit but it is not overpowering!

For all hair types: Les savons de mon coeur

This is a local brand from the region I live in. I picked it up at a market one day but now you can buy their products online and in some stores!

This shampoo bar smells amazing and it lasts forever too. I think my most recent one lasted 6 months so its very good value for money!

I also normally buy my shampoo bars on ‘Alternativi’ if I can’t find them in shops or pharmacies. Here is a link to their shampoo section:

Conditioner bar/Après shampooing

It has taken a while for these to become available. After the shampoo bar explosion in France, conditioning bars were not as easy to find but luckily I have been able to source some!

The only conditioning bar I have tried so far has been one by Lush. It lasted a long time but I found it difficult to create a mousse to apply to my hair. It has since been discontinued on their website but other products are available.

In the meantime I recently purchased the conditioning bar from ‘les savons de mon coeur’ , so a review will follow once I’ve tried it out!

Dry shampoo/Shampooing sec

Ok so I have to admit, I was a ‘Batiste’ dry shampoo fanatic for years, the smell, how fast it works… amazing.. BUT not great for your scalp or the environment! I knew I had to change to a more eco friendly option but I struggled to find something in a good price range that worked. I tried Klorane oat dry shampoo which is a more natural option but it is not as great as Batiste and is quite pricey and not zero waste!

Then I discovered a natural option which is also rechargeable! The dry shampoo from ‘Savons de Joya’. You only need a tiny bit and it lasts forever. My tip is to spray a little then massage it into your hair as much as possible before brushing it through. It’s not great for adding volume but it does the job! You can purchase it and the recharges in health shops such as ‘Biocoop’ or buy it on their website!

Hair Oil/ Huile pour cheveux 

I have always loved using hair oil on the ends of my hair. When my hair is a bit dry, frizzy or damaged, I add a bit to the ends and it looks better every time. Just be careful not to add too much because then your hair might look greasy. 

For years I was a big fan of Moroccan argan oil but it’s often sold in plastic bottles so not the best thing for the environment. For the past year I have been experimenting with using different oils on my hair that are sold in glass bottles and are organic.  One french staple product is Nuxe beauty oil, it’s a multi-purpose oil which can not only be used on your hair but also face and body! Plus it smells AMAZING. I use a little on the ends of my hair in between washes and before my moisturizer at night. The most recent floral oil smells unbelievable and so summery so definitely try it out!

Huile Prodigieuse® Florale - Oil Moisturiser, Anti-Oxidant & Repairing

I also use argan oil on the ends of my hair. You can find organic oil in many pharmacies. Also before washes I also use neem oil as a scalp treatment and add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to my shampoo if my hair needs a little extra tlc.

Et voilà, there you have it! You now know how to take care of your hair in France, without harming the environment and your purse! But be aware of companies trying to green wash by introuducing shampoo bars etc which are sold in packaging and not natural. Should you ever need to check the ingredients, check out ‘Yuka’; an application which tests hundreds of beauty and food products in France!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or have any recommendations!

Ps this post was not sponsored by ‘Les Savons de Joya‘. I just really love their products!

Lots of love,

Le petit accent xoxo

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