Hiking in Alicante

Want to get amazing views of Alicante for free?

Then get your hiking shoes on and get to ‘Mirador de la Sangueta‘. It’s the little hill behind the ‘Castillo Santa Barbara’.

You can get the line 2 tram from mercado to ‘Plaza Mar’ or walk along the beach and walk cross over to the entrance.

The path is very rocky so be careful and watch your step but once you get up to the top the views are worth it. It only takes about 30/40 minutes to make it up. There are then a few different paths you can take and on the way down there is a pathway that takes you to the beach.

The pathway up!
Views of San Juan from the ‘mirador’ (Taken by me)
View of the castle and Alicante (Taken by me)

View of the sea (Taken by me)

So there you have it, a little taste of what to expect on this hike. Just a little word of warning, check the wind speed before you go up because the wind can get very strong! We almost couldn’t walk so be careful! All in all if you are looking for some peace and quiet, great views and a place to practice your photography skills, then check it out if you visit Alicante!

Lots of love,

Le Petit Accent xoxo

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