Where to buy and sell second hand items in France..

Vintage clothes have always been cool, but ever since people have become more eco-conscious its popularity, along with buying second-hand clothing has soared!

As lockdown has stopped us from shopping directly, many have turned to online platforms to find new treasures. If you live in France and are an English speaker, like me, you may feel a little lost when trying to find the best places to shop. You may be wondering, which sites are the best? Is delivery quick? Can I sell my items there too? Don’t worry, I got you covered and I have created a list of my favourite sites for shopping and selling second hand!

In photo: All items bought on Vinted (apart from my belt)Top and Blazer: Vintage bought from same seller Jeans: Lee Jeans FlareConverse: High top Chuck Taylor

For about a year now, I’ve been trying to incorporate more vintage and second hand peices into my wardrobe, pieces that are good quality and will last long. I started selling clothes I no longer wear or that were not good quality to make room for new treasures! As Marie Kondo says, keep only the things that bring you joy! The first step to bringing more joy into your wardrobe is to get rid of clothes which are taking up room by re-selling them or recycling them! So here are the top sites where you can sell and buy clothes!

1.Vinted https://www.vinted.fr/

This is probably the best-known site for buying and selling clothes in France and abroad. You can download the app, take a picture, set your price and sell your items! It is best to upload a few items at once, so that clients can benefit from offers and it makes your account look better. The disadvantages are that it can be slow selling your items if the price is too expensive, the pictures aren’t good quality so make sure you make your items look the best as possible, put hashtags in your description and lower the price or make offers once you have interested sellers! You can also swap items if you wish to exchange your item for a new one! Follow me on Vinted here by searching for my member name: emmalou13

2. Percentil https://percentil.fr/

This website is great for getting rid of your clothes and letting someone else do the work. You can fill a box or bag up with clothes you do not want anymore but check on the website first to see which brands percentil accepts. Once your clothes are received, they are sorted, and either put on sale on the website or recycled. The only disadvantage is that you have no control over the price and receive payment 30 days after each item is sold. High street and less expensive brands are popular on the website so if you have good quality vintage pieces, you should sell them on vinted or on another platform.

3. Depop https://www.depop.com/

This is an app similar to Vinted but a bit more quirky. Its good for selling and buying one off pieces and handmade items. There is a lot of competition as many second-hand shops use this platform to sell so your photos need to be eye catching to get buyers interested!

4. Vesitiaire Collective https://fr.vestiairecollective.com/

This app is great for buying and selling designer and vintage pieces. You can buy and sell within Europe or internationally, there are also lots of promotions and sales every couple of weeks!

5. Imparfaite Paris https://www.imparfaiteparis.com/en/

This site is amazing for finding amazing vintage finds! You can sell via this platform if you are a small retailer. I love this site so much because there is so much variety and all the pieces are really good quality. The pieces are a bit more pricey than other platforms because the clothes have to be organised and priced individually in Paris, but delivery is super quick and there are seasonal sales in summer and winter if you want a bargain! It’s definitely worth having a look at!

So there you have it, now you can shop and sell until your heart is content! Of course, there are many other websites and Instagram accounts to buy vintage but these sites are a good first base if you wish to also sell items! Also don’t forget to support local second-hand stores when buying!

Happy browsing,
Emma xxx

3 thoughts on “Where to buy and sell second hand items in France..”

  1. Hi Emma – There’s a scarf I love on Vinted that I really want to purchase.
    The problem is that Vinted in France doesn’t allow anyone living in the United States to purchase from their site. You must validate your account with a French phone number. I tried to get the email of the seller so I could contact her directly but I’m not able to see it since I can’t fully register on the French site (I have a US account but this doesn’t help me).
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you for any help!

    1. Emma McKenna

      Hey Jackie
      Thanks for your comment. I think Vinted France does not allow international shipping, that’s why. Sometimes sellers have other pages on Instagram or Etsy where you can try to contact them. You could also contact Vinted customer care for their advice.
      Otherwise you could try using another app called Vestiaire Collective or Depop for international shipping!
      Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Hi Emma & thank you so much for your message!
        I’ve tried many times and have never been able to verify my account because I have a US phone number – but I tried again today and they let me verify my account with a US number. So now I was able to at least contact the seller.
        It seems strange that Vinted doesn’t allow for international shipping!
        Thanks again,

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